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InForm 050 - Surplus Jouissance in Art, Psychoanalysis in the Hospital, Meds, & [S][J][P]

In this episode of InForm, Neil & Jared talk about a wide range of things -- We cover a bit about psychoanalysis in art, in hospitals, the use of meds, and Neil's other psychoanalytic project [S][J][P].

InForm 049 - All about Winnicott w/ Duke Novak

On This episode of the InForm: Podcast Neil has a conversation with Duke Novak about how the thought and work of Winnicott has impacted his work with children and teens.

InForm 048 - An Interview About Starting in Analysis

In this Episode of InForm Neil interviews Winnie about her experience starting psychoanalysis. The hope here is that this interview will be interesting and useful to others who might be considering starting an analysis.

InForm 047 - Super InFormal 001 (Going Old School!)

This is a strange episode of InForm: Podcast where Neil does what he did way back in 2018 when he started the podcast -he just talks into a microphone about something in an informal way that is hopefully informative.

InForm 046 - Why Do People Enjoy Hating Freud So Much?

In this episode of the InForm Podcast, Neil & Jared explore why people enjoy hating Freud so much. Our arguments are that the education system does a horrible job of presenting Freud's work, an abundance of myths about Freud, Anti-Semitism, and the friend/enemy distinction.

InForm 045 - Todd McGowan & Psychoanalysis in the Classroom

Psychoanalytic superstar Todd McGowan makes his second appearance on the InForm: Podcast. In this episode (after Neil makes an error) we talk about psychoanalysis in the classroom.

InForm 044 How to do analysis when people are "non-defensive"

In this episode of InForm: Podcast Neil & Jared ramble a lot (seriously, it's a lot). When they don't ramble they talk about if it is possible to do psychoanalysis with people who are too accepting of psychoanalysis.

InForm 043 Does Psychoanalysis Need to be Marginalized? (Pt. 2)

The second episode in a series that considers the question: Does psychoanalysis need to be marginal?

InForm 042 Does Psychoanalysis Need to be Marginalized? (Pt. 1)

On this episode of InForm: Podcast Neil & Jared get into a specific question: Does psychoanalysis need to be marginal?

InForm 041 Clinicians v. Analysts Pt. 2

In this episode, Neil & Jared try a new format for the show: (1) The psychoanalysis of everyday life, (2) Clinicians v. Analysts, (3) various sundry things.

InForm 040 Autism & Psychoanalysis w/ Dr. Leon Brenner

On this episode of InForm:Podcast we talk with Dr. Leon Brenner about his forthcoming book The Autistic Subject: On the Threshold of Language, which is part of the Palgrave Lacan Series edited by Calum Neil and Derek Hook.

InForm 039 w/ Ryan Engley of Why Theory

On this episode of InForm:Podcast Neil & Jared sit down and talk with Ryan Engley from the Why Theory Podcast about ordinary psychosis and the classroom as a psychoanalytic space.

InForm 038 Clinicians V. Analysts (Pt. 1)

On this episode, Neil & Jared talk about the similarity & difference between clinicians (i.e. licensed mental health people) and psychoanalysts.

InForm 037 People still do dreamwork?

Freud discovered that dreams were the "royal road to the unconscious," and he used dreamwork as an integral aspect of psychoanalytic practice. However, in recent years dreamwork has become far less utilized in psychotherapies. In this episode of InForm:Podcast Neil & Jared talk about some ways to do dreamwork -- the use of dreams in psychoanalysis/psychotherapy to get at truths that are important but hidden.

InForm 036 Psychoanalysis, Politics, & Discord Servers (Pt. 3)

The conclusion of the series on psychoanalysis politics and discord servers. In this episode, Adam from the Red Library podcast joins us to wrap up the discussion.

InForm 035 Psychoanalysis, Politics, & Discord Servers (Pt. 2)

Part two of Neil & Jared's discussion of psychoanalysis and politics. We mainly focus on the question of --is psychoanalysis revolutionary?

InForm 034 Psychoanalysis, Politics, & Discord Servers (Pt. 1)

In this episode of InForm:Podcast Neil & Jared go through questions, comments, criticisms, and concerns regarding psychoanalysis and revolutionary politics.

InForm 033 Some thoughts on the Oedipus Complex, the Name-of-the-Father, & Castration

In this episode, Neil & Jared aim to talk about the Oedipus Complex, but they end up talking about the Oedipus Complex, and a lot of other stuff besides.

InForm 032 Entering Analysis (Pt 2)

Part two of our "Entering Analysis" series (if you want to hear part one listen to episode #030). Jared & Neil continue to talk about the process of stating psychoanalysis.

InForm 031 Dis/Entangled Podcast

A crossover episode of Jared's solo show: Dis/Entangled Podcast.

InForm030 Entering Analysis (Pt. 1)

On today's show Jared & Neil Talk about the process of starting an analysis.

InForm029 Todd McGowan

We reached out to Todd McGowan and asked if he would be willing to talk about how his experience in analysis (as an analysand) influenced the ways that he thinks, works, and lives. Todd responded to our request and was very generous with his time. (He talked with us for over 90 min!)

InForm028 Subject of the Statement & Subject of the Enunciation

In this episode of InForm:Podcast Neil & Jared talk about the Subject of the Statement & Subject of the Enunciation.

InForm027 Demand V. Desire

Neil and Jared talk about the principle of moving from demand and activating desire in psychoanalysis.

InForm026 The "Self Care" Episode

This is an episode where Jared & Neil talk bout how the concept of "self care" is used and misused in contemporary clinical settings.

InForm025 The Weird & the Eerie (aka: The Role of the Analyst Pt. 2)

On this episode of InForm Neil & Jared talk more about the role of the analyst as a sort of detective of the weird and the eerie.

InForm024 The Role of the Analyst Pt. 1

In this episode (the first in a series) Neil & Jared talk about the role of the analyst as a secretary of the unconscious and how this relates to the drive.

InForm023 -- Seasons 2/Episode 1

First episodes of Seasons 2 of InForm:Podcast! In this season Neil will be joined by Jared, and we will continue to talk about things & stuff in an InFormal but (hopefully!) InFormative way.

InForm022 -- From78 Pilot Episode

A possible side project to this (my current side project).

InForm021 -- More About the Unconscious

I've been talking with other people who work in mental health about the unconscious. I've discovered that the way most of them use the concept "the unconscious" is very different than the way I think about and use that same concept.

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