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InForm022 -- From78 Pilot Episode

A possible side project to this (my current side project).

InForm021 -- More About the Unconscious

I've been talking with other people who work in mental health about the unconscious. I've discovered that the way most of them use the concept "the unconscious" is very different than the way I think about and use that same concept.

InForm020 -- The Writing Process, & the Unconscious...

A show about the writing process I use, and what that process might have to say about the (my!) unconscious.

InForm019 -- Teenagers are big toddlers

This is an episode on finding benevolent explanations for some of the silly things teenagers might do.

InForm018 -- Getting moving again.

Where has InForm:Podcast been?

InForm: 2 of 7 on the Analytic Attitude

This episode continues the series I'm doing on the "analytic attitude". The episode contains a reading of a bit of text penned by Christopher Bollas & a discussion of how saying something out loud to another person can be remarkable scary --yet also helpful-- for the speaker.

InForm: The Good Enough Therapeutic Attitude

This is the first in a series of seven episodes that will get into the various elements that (I think) constitute a "good enough" attitude for therapists to adopt.

InForm: Random Recapitulations

This episode of InForm:Podcast is all-over-the-place. I talk about lots of different stuff... and I don't even know how to describe it.

InForm: Negations (B-Side)

This is just a few things I thought after recording Episode 010.

InForm:010 Negations (A Side)

Today's episode is on the parapraxis of negations. What's a negation? Listen to the episode and find out?

InForm:009 - Parapraxis

InForm:Podcast episode 009 is an episode where I talk about the concept of parapraxis -- AKA "bungled actions" or "silly little mistakes that don't mean anything... but really mean something. I try to show how a parapraxis is a coded message from something that has been repressed.

InForm:008 Dreamwork (B-Side)

This is the B-Side for episode 008 on dreamwork. Talking about a few other ways you can work with dreams.

InForm:008 - Dreamwork (A Side)

Today's episode talks about a few basic ideas and techniques around psychoanalytic dreamwork

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