Talking about psychoanalytic ideas in an informal but (hopefully!) informative way. 

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InForm: Jared Elwart on Reading Sci-Fi & Thinking about Psychoanalysis

In this episode of the InForm Podcast, I talk with Jared Elwart about how reading science fiction makes him think about psychoanalysis and how thinking about psychoana...

InForm: Michael McAndrews on psychoanalysis for people who don't know they can have it

On this episode of the InForm: Podcast I talk with psychoanalyst Michael McAndrews who practices out in Colorado. Michael's practice is unique for several reasons. The...

InForm: Psychoanalysis in the Classroom with Ryan Engley

This is an interview with Professor Ryan Engley about psychoanalysis in the classroom.

InForm: Psychoanalytic Politics w/ The Regrettable Century | Pt. 2

In this episode of InForm Neil, Jason, & Chris all talk about the first chapter of Psychoanalytic Politics by Sherry Turkle. It is the second in the series where we wo...

InForm: Interview with Peter Rollins

This episode of InForm is an interview with Peter Rollins, a thinker, writer, podcaster, and community organizer who works at the intersections of psychoanalysis, theo...

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