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InForm:Podcast is a podcast where Neil Gorman & Jared Elwart try to talk about psychoanalytic theory and practice in a very informal way that we hope is also informative.

Neil Gorman is a assistant professor at the Aurora University School of Social Work, a member of The Lacanian Compass, and a practicing Lacanian analyst and psychotherapist in private practice. Neil has a BA in history, a Masters in Social Work (MSW) and a Doctorate in Social Work (DSW).

Along with InForm:Podcast Neil also does a podcast called From78, which is about people in time.

Jared Elwart has a bachelor’s in psychology and is finishing his master’s in social work. He works at a residential organization as a social worker, and moonlights as an intern doing psychotherapy in private practice. Jared is also a Lacanian analyst in formation.

Originally (i.e. season one) InForm:Podcast was a solo podcast, where Neil would just talk into a mic about something he was thinking about. The format of the first season of InForm:Podcast was modeled after Rob Bell's The Robcast. During this season Neil learned how to record, edit, and produce a podcast that sounded halfway decent.

Season one of InForm:Podcast came to an end in August of 2019. In March of 2020 the show started a second season with Jared joining Neil as a co-host. The format of the second season of InForm:Podcast was modeled after the podcat Why Theory, which is hosted by Todd McGowan and Ryan Engly.

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