InForm020 -- The Writing Process, & the Unconscious...

A show about the writing process I use, and what that process might have to say about the (my!) unconscious.


A funny thing happened. I recorded episode #021, I edited it, mixed it, and uploaded it... Then I saw that I had not recorded episode 020. Opps.

So I then went back and recorded episode 020, this episode.

The recording of this episode was done in fits and starts as things and stuff were going on throughout my day. The audio of each segment will probably be a bit different (The last segment, in particular, needed some gain because at one point my child was sleeping and I was talking low because I really wanted him to sleep!)

Anyway, here is the outline of the show:

1. Opps & intro.
2. My writing process. 
3. Plans, those are funny.
4. Setting up episode 021 -- Some thoughts on the unconscious.


I probably don't need to do this, but I marked the episode as explicit because I say "damn it". 

(Perhaps I'm being overly cautious?) 

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