InForm: 2 of 7 on the Analytic Attitude

This episode continues the series I'm doing on the "analytic attitude". The episode contains a reading of a bit of text penned by Christopher Bollas & a discussion of how saying something out loud to another person can be remarkable scary --yet also helpful-- for the speaker.


This is the second in a series of podcasts. (I recorded this podcast when I was super tired, but I wanted to make sure that it got recorded. I hope the lack of energy is not too apparent.) In this podcast I...

  1. Do a short review of some of the material from the last episode. 
  2. Talk about a bit of text from a book by the psychoanalyst Christopher Bollas. 
  3. Then move into a discussion of how speaking something out loud to another person (i.e. a psychoanalyst or psychotherapist) can be "helpful" to the speaker.  


Abraham, N. & Torok, M. The shell & the kernel: Renewals in psychoanalysis, Vol 1. (Amazon)
Abraham, N. & Torok, M. The wolf man's secret word: A cryptonymy (Theory & history of literature) (Amazon)
Bollas, C. (2004) Dark at the end of the tunnel. (Amazon

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