InForm: The Good Enough Therapeutic Attitude

This is the first in a series of seven episodes that will get into the various elements that (I think) constitute a "good enough" attitude for therapists to adopt.

Thanks for downloading and listening to InForm:Podcast. Today's episode is the first in a series of what will be seven total episodes that focus in on some of the specific elements of a "good enough" therapeutic attitude.

The topic of today's episode: Having a vested interest in what the patient/analysand wants (as opposed to what you might want for them).

Some of the other stuff you'll hear in future episodes: 
  • focus on expression of emotion
  • Understanding symptoms
  • Identifying patterns (i.e. repetition compulsions) 
  • Focusing on transference in relationships (inside and outside therapy) 
  • The past's influence on the present 
  • The influence of biology & culture
I hope that you'll listen to and enjoy them all! 
Till then: Make glorious mistakes! 

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