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InForm: Negations (B-Side)

This is just a few things I thought after recording Episode 010.

InForm:010 Negations (A Side)

Today's episode is on the parapraxis of negations. What's a negation? Listen to the episode and find out?

InForm:009 - Parapraxis

InForm:Podcast episode 009 is an episode where I talk about the concept of parapraxis -- AKA "bungled actions" or "silly little mistakes that don't mean anything... but really mean something. I try to show how a parapraxis is a coded message from something that has been repressed.

InForm:008 Dreamwork (B-Side)

This is the B-Side for episode 008 on dreamwork. Talking about a few other ways you can work with dreams.

InForm:008 - Dreamwork (A Side)

Today's episode talks about a few basic ideas and techniques around psychoanalytic dreamwork

InForm:007 - Repetition Compulsions

Today's episode introduces the concept of "repetition compulsion" and starts to riff on it.

InForm: Repression (B Side)

This episode continues the talk about repression... It's odd... this is the B-Side, but I actually think it is the better episode.

InForm: Repression (A Side)

A bit about the hows and whys of repression. Also, what makes repression different from disavowal.

InForm:006 - Zoē & Bios

Starting to talk about repression, and how repression is the cause of neurosis (not the other way around).

InForm:005 - The Difference between "relaxing" and generative practices

The difference between "relaxing" (doing nothing and producing nothing) and generative practices (doing something that does not have productivity as its aim).

InForm:004 - On overdoing "being productive"

If we overdo "being productive" we end up not being productive at all.

InForm:003 - Rabbi Akiva's two questions

The guard asked Akiva, "Who are you and where are you going?"

InForm:002 - With the generative there is no production...

a) Even though Production & Narrative can't happen without Generation & Discourse. b) Production & Narrative can influence the Generation & Discourse they were grown from.

InForm:001 - Generativity & Production, Part 1

In this first episode of the InForm:Podcast I talk about what I believe are some of the key differences between generating discourses, and productive narratives.

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