InForm: Repression (B Side)

This episode continues the talk about repression... It's odd... this is the B-Side, but I actually think it is the better episode.

So... I listened to episode 006, and I thought, "Huh. There is a lot more about repression i should have talked about." Good thing this podcast is informal, eh?

Anyway, as a result you now have this: Episode 006 B-Side.

In this episode:
I try to suss out the concept of repression more. To do this I mention: 
  • Conflict between the id & the ego
  • Compromise formation
  • The Reality Principle
  • Beyond the Pleasure Principle
I try to explain the why the ego engages in repression because it can't destroy or compromise with a desire/wish. I also try to use two metaphor's to try to explain what is going on when the ego represses something: 
  1. The dead body metaphor  
  2. The photoshop metaphor. 

Till next time:
Thanks for listening. Make glorious mistakes! 

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